#BookBlogWriMo – Day 2


Day 2: How you read

(Paperback? Hardcover? Ereader? Smartphone? Bookmarks, note taking in the margins, or highlighting? Tell us some of your reading rituals!)

I have definitely read all types of formats on a slew of different devices! You name it; paperback, hardcover, ereader, smartphone, computer, CD players (when those were still a thing), and even audio cassettes (which, when I find them, I still LOVE listening too. There’s this one copy of Little Women in particular that is so precious to me).

I also use all kinds of bookmarks. Usually whatever is nearby, from gas station receipts to old pieces of homework (Hey, that math homework ain’t going to any other use!). Lately I’ve been using the crap out of this Captain America bookmark that one of my bosses made for me. It’s nice to open a book and not only have an adventure waiting for me, but sexy Captain America as well *swoon*.

I definitely don’t take notes in the margins or do any sort of highlighting. I don’t even really do that for my college textbooks because it just feels like I’m defacing the poor babies! Don’t get me wrong that I think it’s super cool when other people annotate stuff, and they’re fun to find copies like that in used bookstores, but I personally couldn’t do it.

What are some of your reading rituals? Leave a comment below!

Happy reading!

5 thoughts on “#BookBlogWriMo – Day 2

  1. I do love a good bookmark! Ha ha! Yeah, and I’m glad we’re on the same page when it comes to highlighting/writing in books. It’s sacrilegious! xD


  2. I listen to book in my car to get in as many as possible (and have cool nerd fun on my commute). When I sit down to read, I prefer physical books but have been mixing it up with my Kindle app. A good book is a good book in any form! 🙂


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