#BookBlogWriMo – Day 30


Day 30: #BookBlogWriMo Wrap Up

(Tell us what you thought of this “challenge!” It will be helpful in future planning.)

*cries because #BookBlogWriMo is over*

I had so much fun with this challenge! I had to really discipline myself and get all my posts up in time (or play catch-up on a few days) but all the topics were really interesting and I had a ton of fun looking at my blog in a different light sometimes and really considering why I do what I do. Reading everyone else’s posts were fun too and I want to thank everyone who put up with my incessant emails about new posts all through this month. (You can check out a master list of all my posts here!)

I can’t wait to see what the next challenges will bring but I will definitely be on board for whatever is to come!


#BookBlogWriMo – Day 29


Day 29: The Future of Your Blog

(Where do you think you’re going? Get in touch with your inner Miss Cleo.)

Saving all the tough questions for the end are we? I think I had a mini existential crisis when I read this question.

I really have no idea what the end all, be all of my blog is going to be. I know for sure that I don’t ever really want to do this for money. It’s just a hobby that I hope to keep up for a long time. It’s something fun to sometimes put on a resumĂ© or hilarious to tell people about and then watch their shocked expressions as they say “I had no idea!”

Most of all I just want to keep having fun with it all. I think I’ll know I need to stop when I know I’m not having fun anymore 🙂

#BookBlogWriMo – Day 28


Day 28: Book Pet Peeves

(What plot lines or stereotypes make you cringe or DNF?)

I’ve ALWAYS hated two main things in books. I hate when the author tries to make the character relatable by saying that they are a “big reader” or “love to read.” Yet for the most part throughout the story, we NEVER see them read. I’ve come across a few books that do this well and do have the character reading a lot, but you can’t just say someone loves to read and not actually show it.

The other main thing is I always hate when main characters are said to have this awesome best friend, but then they are pushed to the background when something important happens or a boy comes along (the second thing being the more likely) and then we basically never see this, supposedly awesome, friend again. Rage, rage, rage.

#BookBlogWriMo – Day 27


Day 27: Authors You’re Thankful For

(Who’s sitting at your dream Thanksgiving table?)

First of all, Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope you enjoy a wonderful day getting stuffed fuller than the turkey you put into the oven.

Here’s a run down of who I would want at my Thanksgiving table:

  • Syrie James (because, duh, we can talk about Jane Austen the entire time)
  • Veronica Roth (maybe I could convince her to change a certain plot point in Allegiant…)
  • John Green (because he would be hilarious)
  • Natsuki Takaya (maybe she’ll draw some manga characters for me on my napkin)
  • Meg Cabot (another hilarious author who would make everyone laugh, I’m sure)
  • Alan Moore (though I think he would moodily be smoking cigarettes the entire time…)
  • Rainbow Rowell (I think she would be very adorable the entire time and say witty things)

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#BookBlogWriMo – Day 26


Day 26: Cheating on Books: TV & Movies

(What are your favorite ways to cheat on books?)

I am completely obsessed with all things Marvel movies so I definitely cheat on books by watching those (until I then get so excited or hyped up about a movie that I then just have to read the comics). I also really enjoy Downton Abbey, The Paradise, and tons of other period dramas from PBS’ Masterpiece Theatre so I definitely cheat on my books with those as well.

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#BookBlogWriMo – Day 24


Day 24: Reading Cave Fantasies 

(You know those awesome reading nooks on Buzzfeed and Pinterest? Describe what yours would look like.)

There is one picture in particular that comes to mind (can’t seem to find it anywhere though) of this corner in a room that has huge, clear windows and a soft looking bed pushed into the corner. In the background there’s a forest I think, but I just feel that would be the perfect place for me. Lot’s of natural lighting and tons of space to look out into the vast wilderness *sigh* And of course huge stacks of books sitting nearby!

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#BookBlogWriMo – Day 23


Day 23: Book Boyfriend Criteria 

(What do you look for in a book boyfriend? Build your dream man. Book boyfriend examples and pictures of hot guys encouraged.)

Seeing as how I’m picky with real life boys, it would seem that I’m the same way with fictional one’s! It’s funny, but I either go for the boy next door in novels or the dark and brooding type (think Mr. Darcy in Pride and Prejudice. Swoon!). But then again, I think for manga’s I go for more of the type that have shaggy hair and love their OTP from a distance (ah, who am I kidding I just love Kyo from Fruits Basket and Dojo from Library Wars).

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#BookBlogWriMo – Day 22


Day 22: #ShowMeYourShelves 

(Take a picture of your bookshelves, whether they’re physical or Kindle folders. It’s always fun seeing how people organize their books!)

You can check out all my book shelfies on my Instagram here, or just peruse the pictures I’ve compiled below 😀


(These are my second and third shelves that I have…the one below is my main, HUGE, shelf)


(This was in the process of reorganizing after I had come back from school over the summer. It took a good hour to reassemble everything exactly how I wanted)


(And this is my shelf today! More or less, since I haven’t taken an updated picture in awhile, but it pretty much looks the same)

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#BookBlogWriMo – Day 21


Day 21: #FlashbackFriday – Your First Reviews

(Link up to some of your first reviews. Feel free to get reflective.)

Some of my first reviews are so cringeworthy.  I think I got overly excited in a lot of them (not sure why) and didn’t really talk about the book at all *hides head in shame* Anyway’s here are a couple of my very first reviews:

Yeah, very cringe worthy indeed….On the bright side, I’m hosting a giveaway if anyone wants to enter! Check it out here!