All the Words Are Yours by Tyler Knott Gregson

All the Words Are Yours by Tyler Knott Gregson
Series: N/A
Published by Perigree Books on October 20, 2015
Genres: Poetry, Love
Pages: 144 : Hardcover edition
Source: Publisher sent me a book in exchange for an honest review
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Here starts the journey

Every day for the past six years, Tyler Knott Gregson has written a simple haiku about love, and posted it online. These heartfelt poems have attracted a large and loyal following around the world. This highly anticipated follow-up to Chasers of the Light, presents Tyler’s favorites, some previously unpublished, accompanied by his signature photographs, which capture the rich texture of daily life.

This vibrant collection reveals the intimate reflections of one of poetry’s most popular new voices — honest, vulnerable, generous, and truly present in the gift that is each moment.

Two years ago I was first exposed to Tyler Knott Gregson’s work when I was sent a copy of his compilation, Chasers of the Light: Poems From the Typewriter Series by the publisher and ever since then I have been hooked on his work. I follow his Tumblr, and each day run across his haikus, which I took a particular liking to so when I was contacted about reading a compilation of a bunch of his haikus, I may have jumped up and down with joy. Literally.

TKG has such a way with words and expressing love in so many different ways and forms. He writes about love in such a way that I had never really considered or comprehended before, but once I read it, its like something clicks in me and I have that lightbulb moment where I say, “oh yeah!”

When you get down to the basis of it, his haikus are beautiful. It’s beautifully written poetry with beautiful pictures and beautiful font (I have a particular fondness for typewriter font; probably is why I got my tattoo done with the same font). I reread this twice already because I couldn’t get enough of the words that he was pouring out onto the page.

Feeling down? Pick this up. It will help you soothe your mind and distract you from reality. What I find particularly interesting about his writing and poems as well is that love can seem so general, but he writes in such a way as if it’s only for me and what I’m experiencing. I say keep up the awesome and beautiful work, TKG. I can’t wait to see more from you in the future.

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Love & Misadventure by Lang Leav

Love & Misadventure by Lang Leav
Series: N/A
Published on April 26, 2013
Genres: Love, Romance, Poetry
Pages: 176 : Paperback edition
Source: Checked out from my local library
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Lang Leav is a poet and internationally exhibiting artist. Awarded a coveted Churchill Fellowship, her work expresses the intricacies of love and loss.

Beautifully illustrated and thoughtfully conceived, Love and Misadventure will take you on a rollercoaster ride through an ill-fated love affair- from the initial butterflies to the soaring heights- through to the devastating plunge. Lang Leav has an unnerving ability to see inside the hearts and minds of her readers. Her talent for translating complex emotions with astonishing simplicity has won her a cult following of devoted fans from all over the world.

I think this is going to be the year of poetry for me, since I’ve been getting more into it lately. What a great one to start the year off with too. Lang Leav manages to weave together the sorrow, blinding happiness, and overwhelming feelings that come with love in a beautiful set of poems and illustrations. I was enthralled with the book from start to finish and literally did not put it down until I had finished reading the entire thing.

I think Leav has such a way with connecting to readers on a deeply personal level about feelings they have either had, or are currently having, which makes her writing so flawless. It’s almost as if there’s this angelic little voice in your head whispering the poems to you while you reflect on your own love and loss (or maybe not, that was just my own experience).

I can’t wait to read more of her work (specifically Lullabies, since I’ve heard such wonderful things). An amazing piece of work overall!

Chasers of the Light: Poems from the Typewriter Series by Tyler Knott Gregson

Chasers of the Light: Poems from the Typewriter Series by Tyler Knott Gregson
Series: N/A
Published by Perigee Trade on September 2, 2014
Genres: Love, Romance, Poetry
Pages: 144 : Hardback edition
Source: Received from the publicist in exchange for an honest review
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The epic made simple. The miracle in the mundane.

One day, while browsing an antique store in Helena, Montana, photographer Tyler Knott Gregson stumbled upon a vintage Remington typewriter for sale. Standing up and using a page from a broken book he was buying for $2, he typed a poem without thinking, without planning, and without the ability to revise anything.

He fell in love.

Three years and almost one thousand poems later, Tyler is now known as the creator of the Typewriter Series: a striking collection of poems typed onto found scraps of paper or created via blackout method. Chasers of the Light features some of his most insightful and beautifully worded pieces of work—poems that illuminate grand gestures and small glimpses, poems that celebrate the beauty of a life spent chasing the light.

This is hands down, no doubt about it, the most beautifully written piece of work I’ve read this year. I wanted to go slow and savor each page while I was reading this, but I ended up plowing right through it and reading it to the end, then going back and reading it again because it was SO good.

Normally I’m not a huge poetry fan (what does it all mean!?) but Gregson’s works have probably forever changed my opinion on poetry. Each poem was so gorgeous in its simplicity, yet astounding in its complexity. He took the smallest moments and turned them into something beautiful and worth noticing.

I will be packing this up with me before I head off to college because I want to have this close by for some easy (but amazing) reading. I HIGHLY recommend this to everyone (oh, and go check out Tyler Knott Gregson’s Tumblr which is just as awesome and filled with even more poetry)!

I hope he will be producing another one of this novels in the near future, because when he does I won’t be able to wait to get my hands on it!

Crank by Ellen Hopkins

book cover of   Crank    (Crank, book 1)  by  Ellen Hopkins
Read a synopsis here!
Number of pages: 537
Another great book by Ellen Hopkins! I didn’t like this one as much as Tricks but it was still wonderful. Ellen Hopkins’ writing is so dark but it is also heartfelt and makes you really connect with the narrator and see what they are going through. So, this story follows a girl who becomes addicted to “crank” or meth. Throughout the book we see how Kristina personifies her inner bad girl to become “Bree”, a girl with no shame, and this results in her downward spiral of addiction, depression, and a whole mess of other problems.
Whenever I read these books I always see how horrible these situations are and it makes you kind of realize that the world isn’t perfect and stuff like this happens to teenagers and adults alike, every single day. Kind of a harrowing thought, but it happens. I would recommend these books to a lot of teenagers for that reason because it really shows you how catastrophic the consequences can be once you become addicted to drugs, or, really, anything else.
I also like how the books are written in a sort of verse that doesn’t rhyme. If the books rhymed, I don’t think I’d like them half as much but since they don’t to me the words just look like they are put into funny shapes on the page. If this was written as a full story too, I think there would have to be a lot more detail, but since it’s in verse the story is a little more loose, but it works.
Definitely would recommend this one for people 14 and up, because there are some sensitive subjects, but after the 14 year old mark this should be read by teens. Honestly, reading Ellen Hopkins’ work, makes me think “I’ll never make the same mistakes these kids did. I don’t want that to be me.” And I think that’s part of the point Ellen Hopkins is trying to make with her work; to spread awareness and prevent other teens from getting messed up in the wrong stuff.
I can’t wait to read the next two books because this one kind of ended at a cliff-hanger!
See you soon!

Tricks by Ellen Hopkins

book cover of   Tricks   by  Ellen Hopkins
Read a synopsis here!
Number of pages: 656
I can’t tell you how good this book was (but I will try!). I’ve never read a book by Ellen Hopkins before, and this was excellent! I will definitely read her other books!
I’ve also never read a book in this format before, meaning, a book in poem. At first I kind of struggled with it and I had to get used to the way the text looked on the page (I know, weird) but after awhile I just flowed through the book.
There’s this huge misconception that poems should rhyme, and this is one of those books that break that stereotype. The poems don’t rhyme, but it creates a beautiful story about 5 teens.
So, the 5 teens are all going through an assortment of problems and throughout the story some will meet each other,  which is actually kind of cool the way that you can see how all of them intertwine. This book specifically deals with the problems of teen prostitution. I didn’t know what a horrible problem this really was until I read this book. I think it does a great job of spreading awareness about tough issues that people don’t really want to talk about. I would definitely say this is for older kids and kids who are at least in high school, because there was some stuff in here that even I was a little shocked by and once or twice I thought, “Wow, should I be reading this?”. But then I realized something. Every teenager should read this book to help prevent the stuff that happens in here, from happening out there in the real world.
It’s scary to think about, and even scarier to think that that could be you or one of your friends. It was really eye-opening I think. Parents may not want anyone to read this book, and I can see why, but at the same time I think teens should so they know of stuff that really happens outside of their own little perfect bubble. Life is not perfect and neither is anyone living in it and I hope that many people will read this to spread awareness and help prevent teen prostitution.
Let’s just say this: it’s worse than you think. Read this book. Find out.
See you soon!