The Heiresses by Sara Shepard

The Heiresses by Sara Shepard
Series: The Heiresses #1
Published by Harper on May 20, 2014
Genres: Mystery, Suspense
Pages: 320 : Hardcover edition
Source: Checked out from my local library
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You know the Saybrooks. Everyone does. Perhaps you’ve read a profile of them in People or have seen their pictures in the society pages of Vogue. Perhaps while walking along that choice block on Fifth Avenue, you’ve been tempted to enter the ornate limestone building with their family name etched into the pediment above the door.

The only thing more flawless than a Saybrook’s diamond solitaire is the family behind the jewelry empire. Beauties, entrepreneurs, debutantes, and style mavens, they are the epitome of New York City’s high society. But being a Saybrook comes at a price—they are heirs not only to a dizzying fortune but also to a decades-old family curse.

Tragedy strikes the prominent family yet again when thirty-four-year-old Poppy, the most exquisite Saybrook of them all, flings herself from the window of her TriBeCa office. Everyone is shocked that a woman who had it all would end her own life. Then her cousins receive an ominous threat: one heiress down, four to go.

Was it suicide… or murder? In the aftermath of the tragedy, the remaining heiresses—Corinne, the perfectionist; Rowan, the workaholic; Aster, the hedonist; and Natasha, the enigma—wrestle with feelings of sadness, guilt, and, most of all, fear. Now they must uncover the truth about their family before they lose the only thing money can’t buy: their lives.

Ah, Sara Shepard. Your novels are so predictable and follow the same patterns, yet I’m pulled in every time. I read the Pretty Little Liars series years ago when it first came out, and haven’t revisited it since, but I do know this follows distinctly that same style.

We’re introduced to a slew of characters right off the bat and for a little while I had a hard time keeping everyone in place, but after awhile it got easier once I figured out which one’s I connected to the most and which one’s I started to suspect had played a hand in all the tragedies that were going on in the Saybrook family.

While I didn’t see the plot twist at the end coming (or who was the culprit for that matter) most everything else was trashy and predictable…and I LOVED it. I’m not really sure what it is with my fascination of these books (i.e. Gossip Girl, The Clique, etc.) that take these very rich and privileged characters and throw them all these impossible and improbable situations to deal with. Maybe it’s the whole idea of wanting to read about something that you don’t have. Whatever the case, if you don’t like trashy novels like that I wouldn’t really recommend this for you.

It is an easy read though and I plowed through it in just a couple of days. And I, grudgingly, hope there is going to be another one soon since this one sort of left me with a cliffhanger! Can’t wait to see what will happen next!


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