2014 Year In Review

Another year has come and gone, but I think 2014 especially was a ton of fun! A lot happened via my blog, school, and personal life, and overall I just had a really great year.

I finished my first year of college began my second year, which has, so far, been more fun than the first, and also picked up two jobs on campus (mostly to pay for my terrible book buying addiction). I also started branching out more into my minor of writing and rhetoric and started looking into picking up classes in that area. Next quarter I start with creative writing which sounds terrifying and thrilling all at once!

My blog reached over 1,011 subscribers/followers after 5 years of non-stop blogging! To celebrate I hosted a slew of giveaways in December and connected with even more bloggers out in the wide world of the internet (cue picture of me waving at y’all)! I almost reached my goal on Goodreads of reading 200 books and reviewed over 80 books! I also moved my blog to WordPress and am so thankful I did because it’s much easier for me to format and layout posts.

I participated in 5 or 6 blog tours, and was contacted by over 15 different publishing companies and authors to review their books. I even amassed close to 700 followers on Twitter and 866 on Instagram. I volunteered two seasons at the Scholastic Warehouse and had tons of fun chatting with teachers and librarians about their students, which completely reinforced the idea that I want to go into teaching (albeit, at the collegiate level).

I also completely updated my About Me page which now has a much better look and features pictures taken by my sister, Kaylin (Check out her blog here and her website here!).

Here’s to another great year!

 DSC_0238 DSC_0216

DSC_0818 DSC_0639


2 thoughts on “2014 Year In Review

  1. Ah, so jealous you’ll be taking a creative writing class next year! I just added “Literature” as one of my majors and I’m definitely excited to fulfill the creative writing class in that major’s requirements.
    (I also have to say, though, that for someone who also has a ton of books – your shelves are so organized! All my books are sort of stacked all over the place xD)


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