Between the Sheets by Allie Boniface

Between the Sheets by Allie Boniface
Series: Cocktail Cruise #3
Published on September 14, 2014
Genres: Love, Romance, Contemporary
Pages: 108 : Paperback/ebook edition
Source: Received through Black Lion Blog Tours and the author in exchange for an honest review
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An affair with an exotic cruise line dance instructor might be just the escape this single mother needs…

Andrea is determined to merge career and motherhood, which she’s (barely) managing as a cruise line marketing manager and a single mom to six-year-old Drew. That life leaves zero time for sex or love, so when she has a chance for a no-strings fling with a sexy cruise ship dancer, she decides to go for it.

Sebastian is enjoying a low-key life as a dance instructor on a singles’ cruise ship, a welcome change from his previous life in Argentina as the star of a hugely popular dance show. Tired of women who only wanted him for his moves on and off the dance floor, he’s content to teach basic waltz and foxtrot and keep to himself. But when the lonely, enigmatic Andrea sweeps into his life, everything changes.

Can he come to terms with his past? Can she find room in her life and her heart for another man? And is the possibility of new love strong enough to make them both want to?

I was originally intrigued with Andrea’s backstory when we first heard about her in Tequila Sunrise, and now I’m so glad I was able to read about her more in depth in this final installment of the Sex on the Beach series (side note: I’m so sad this is the last one! I love Allie Boniface’s writing style, so I will definitely have to pick up some of her other novels to distract me from my sadness of no more Cocktail Cruises).

Once again, the leading male, Sebastian, in the story is hot, hot, hot! I mean come on a dance instructor who knows how to, literally, whip women off their feet? Sign me up for a man like this please! Andrea’s son, Drew, is so adorable too! If/when I have kids I want one just like him! I think both Andrea and Sebastian handle the idea of her being a single mom really well, which is nice because stories can easily get caught up in that idea without leaving time to work on the actual romance (oh and P.S. Andrea’s ex, Ron is a total dick. I hate him five-ever).

I wish I could say that I’m looking forward to the next in the series, but it doesn’t look like there is going to be any more! So sad, but I think the series really ended with a bang and I can’t wait to see what else Allie Boniface comes up with in her future works!


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