Autumn Ghosts by Mia Hoddell

Autumn Ghosts by Mia Hoddell
Series: Seasons of Change #3
Published by CreateSpace Independent Platform on October 10, 2014
Genres: Autumn, Love, Romance
Pages: 216 : Paperback bind up edition
Source: Purchased on Amazon
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Her dreams may cost Ellie her family, but ignoring them will cost her happiness.

Only one person knows what truly lies in Ellie Jeffords’ heart, and that’s herself. For almost three years she’s concealed her dreams and lived the life her parents expect her to by studying accountancy. She’s tried to follow their wishes, but they forgot to consider one important detail: Ellie’s happiness.

Hating the course she is studying, Ellie is failing, and the only person who was willing to help—her gran—has passed away. Not wanting to disappoint her family, she struggles on in silence, thinking she can rectify the problem before anyone finds out. So when a friend’s cousin, Justin, offers to tutor her, she jumps at the chance.

As the two meet frequently, and grow closer together, the pressure of exams starts to break Ellie. Justin wants her to confide in him, but he can’t persuade her to talk without revealing his own dark secret. With both of them hiding things, it tests their newly formed relationship. However, Justin refuses to give up on her. He forces her to make a choice between her parents’ dreams and her own, but the only problem is that both options may cost her something she loves.

This is the second to last book in the Seasons of Change (Volume 1) series *sob* but I definitely think that it’s going to be my favorite. I connected really well with Ellie through her struggles of wanting to be perfect in school and working hard towards her degree (thank god I don’t have parents who pressured me into something I didn’t want to do though).

I also go to school with a lot of people who are simply there because of their parents and so I see how it tears them up and it’s really sad. I think Ellie embodied that struggle in a very real way and Mia Hoddell was able to convey a lot of the pent up emotion that can be swirling through people’s minds (this is something she also did really well in the previous stories in the series). Speaking of previous novels in the series, I really liked how they had snippets here and there of previous characters.

Justin was super cute too! He’s definitely now on my list of book boyfriends. I loved his geeky demeanor, but that he was able to conquer his own fears whilst helping Ellie with hers. I just want to grab him and hug him tight!

Overall, a really great addition to the series and I can’t wait to see what the last one will have in store!


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