Full Frontal Feminism: A Young Woman’s Guide to Why Feminism Matters by Jessica Valenti

Full Frontal Feminism: A Young Woman’s Guide to Why Feminism Matters by Jessica Valenti
Series: N/A
Published by Seal Press on April 17, 2007 (First Edition)
Genres: Feminism, Real Issues, Nonfiction
Pages: 271 : Paperback edition
Source: Checked out from my local library
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Feminism isn’t dead. It just isn’t very cool anymore. Enter Full Frontal Feminism, a book that embodies the forward-looking messages that author Jessica Valenti propagates on her popular website, Feministing.com.

Covering a range of topics, including pop culture, health, reproductive rights, violence, education, relationships, and more, Valenti provides young women a primer on why feminism matters.

Valenti knows better than anyone that young women need a smart-ass book that deals with real-life issues in a style they can relate to. No rehashing the same old issues. No belaboring where today’s young women have gone wrong. Feminism should be something young women feel comfortable with, something they can own. Full Frontal Feminism is sending out the message to readers — yeah, you’re feminists, and that’s actually pretty frigging cool.

It’s official. This has now become my go-to feminist bible for the rest of my days. I haven’t read The Feminine Mystique yet, but I’m sure that will also be a contender later on.

So basically why this book is so awesome (despite it being all about feminism) is the fact that it ranges from so many different topics and really hits the hard subjects right in the face with her brash writing style. It was all so real. There was no beating around the bush on anything and Valenti calls out all sorts of organizations and people left and right which I found to be super cool.

Some of this stuff was outdated because my library failed to have the newest edition, but I’m going to be buying the new updated edition of this soon so I can see what else Valenti has added! I highly recommend this for anyone who considers themselves a feminist (or doesn’t and just wants to get some information!). I think I’ll be recommending this to my Gender and Women’s studies professor’s back and school to teach because it’s so amazing!


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