Before Watchmen: Nite Owl/Dr. Manhattan by J. Michael Strackzynski and Adam Hughes

Before Watchmen: Nite Owl/Dr. Manhattan by J. Michael Strackzynski and Adam Hughes
Series: Before Watchmen
Published by DC Comics on July 16, 2013
Genres: Comics, Politics, Mystery
Pages: 288 : Hardback
Source: Borrowed from my local library
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Discover what happened before WATCHMEN as writer J. Michael Straczynski is joined by Andy Kubert and the legendary Joe Kubert to take flight with the gadget-savvy vigilante known as Nite Owl! And then in BEFORE WATCHMEN: DR. MANHATTAN, JMS teams with fan-favorite artist Adam Hughes on the all-powerful super-man Dr. Manhattan. For Dr. Manhattan, past, present, and future are one and the same. But as he observes the events of his life, do they remain the same? Or are they changed? The very fact of his existence may have altered the nature of what will or will not be…

I think this one I’ve read through the fastest out of the Before Watchmen series that I’ve read so far. I’m not really sure why since it’s not my favorite (probably second favorite) but probably because this one has been the most visually appealing so far. It has beautiful illustrations with tons of color and they just pop right off the page.

Despite that, I liked Nite Owl’s prequel, and Dr. Manhattan’s took an interesting take on his character, focusing more on a what could have been sort of scenario if Jon hadn’t walked into the intrinsic field lab area. Nite Owl and Dr. Manhattan are also not my favorite characters by any means and I end up feeling the most sorry for them in the original story, but I liked their stories all the same. I can’t wait to start reading the last one of these prequel’s which will have Rorschach’s story in it.


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