In My Pants Tag

So John Green technically started this tag and basically you find books that no one else has and make a…ahem dirty sentence out of it. Well, not a sentence, but take the title of the book and add “In my pants” to the end of it to see what nasty, freaky, dirty things come up. I think you can also only choose books you own? I could be wrong. Check out mine:
(and for those of you who have done this tag; sorry if I’ve repeated any!)

The Great Gatsby in my pants
Me and Mr. Darcy in my pants
Thrill Ride in my pants
The Boyfriend League in my pants
Island Girls (And Boys) in my pants
A Year in Europe in my pants
To Catch a Pirate in my pants
When It Happens in my pants
Waiting For You in my pants
Take Me There in my pants
Geek Magnet in my pants
Unwind in my pants
I Am Not a Serial Killer in my pants
If We Kiss in my pants
Better of Famous? in my pants
Twelve Long Months in my pants
Played in my pants
Snow in my pants
They Came to Baghdad in my pants
Funerals are Fatal in my pants
The Man in the Brown Suit in my pants
Some Like it Hot in my pants
Beautiful Stranger in my pants
The Daughters Break the Rules in my pants
And my all-time favorites: Is He or Isn’t He in my pants and What Mrs. McGillicuddy Saw in my pants

Sorry for the dirty post, but I hope it made you laugh as much as I did!
See you soon!


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