More about me!

So I realized that before I start doing my reviews and such I should explain a few things and get some housekeeping over with. (How/where I buy more books, etc.)
Before Borders closed I bought all my books either online or instore from Borders. However, now that they are closed I’ve resorted to buying a TON of my books used and I also order some from this site: All of the details are explained on the site of how the book swapping works, but I do get a lot of books from PaperBackSwap too (or PBS as I often call it) Otherwise I recieve books for holiday’s or I buy them from online sellers like:
The two main reasons why I don’t shop at Barnes and Noble are; 1. Paying full price for a book is way to expensive for me these days. I only use a really good coupon (like 50% off) if I shop there and 2. I just don’t like them. Plain and simple! I’ve never liked Barnes and Noble so I shop there as little as possible.
Moving on to ereaders: I used to object to ereaders, but as I said above books are getting too expensive so I realized that most ebooks are cheaper than the actual physical format so I got a Kindle for Christmas and I can’t wait to load it up with ebooks!
Here are some of my favorite Book-tubers on Youtube too:
Those are my go-to people for book reviews and such! Well I hope this will clear up some future confusion that was bound to happen!


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