Hello there! Welcome to my blog; The Paige-Turner. My main focus here is to share book reviews/hauls with the other readers around the world wide web. My posts would range from every other day, to every day so I will constantly be updating and having new stuff appear here soon! Here’s a little bit about me:
I’m 16 years old and I’m a junior in high school in California. My name actually is Paige and I enjoy reading a variety of books that includes; anything young adult, (meaning; paranormal, dystopian, mystery, contempary, whatever!) cozy mystery books, (these are the small mass market paperbacks that usually focus on one character that solves mysteries. All are fictious.) and classics! (Jane Austen is my favorite!!)
My main focus of the blog would be reviewing young adult books, however, I will review some old ball genres every now and then. (For example right now I’m really loving mystery books!!)
So if you like to read, like me join in the discussion and read, read, read!
Coming up next: my first review!


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